Remember Nhu’s Greatest Need

We are grateful that people often ask how they can get involved. Right now Remember Nhu has unsponsored children who are in need of your help! A monthly sponsorship is what keeps a child safe from sex trafficking in Remember Nhu’s care.

How Sponsorship Changes a Child’s Life

When you sponsor a child, you provide for that child’s physical, educational, emotional, and spiritual needs. From 24-7 housing to a proper education, you become the reason that a child who would’ve been in the sex trade can now instead dream of a safe & bright new future.

Allow us to introduce Sunee*, just one of our children in Thailand whose life has been changed through sponsorship. Sunee’s mother was addicted to drugs and offering to sell Sunee for the equivalent of 50 USD. After receiving Sunee into our care, she became sponsored by a family in Oregon. Recently she was given a photograph of her sponsor family and could not stop carrying around the photo to proudly show everyone around her, with the biggest smile on her face. She kept saying, “This is my family!”

All Remember Nhu children were either orphaned or in terrible family situations when they came into our care. When you sign up to sponsor a child, that child literally considers you to be their new family.

How Sponsorship Changes Your Life

When you sponsor a child, it not only changes that child’s life forever; it changes your life too. Here are a few testimonials from our monthly sponsors:

“It made me smile to know that because of my gift she had a uniform to be able to attend school, food to eat, a warm bed to sleep in, and most importantly a loving family to embrace and care for her. Who knew that giving up a few cups of coffee a week could make such an impact? Thanks for letting me be a part of your mission!” 

– Sponsor in Oregon

“Our whole family has been blessed by our sponsorship of several children through Remember Nhu. We are so grateful for the opportunity to partner with Remember Nhu to help rescue kids and journey alongside our sponsored children as they grow up in a loving, healthy home full of hope and freedom.” 

– The Dobson Family: Jon, Melanie, Karlyn & Kiki

Are you ready to join a movement of people monthly changing the world by keeping children safe from sex slavery?

Thank you for the important role you play in 
Ending Child Sex Slavery Through Prevention!

In the child story above, Sunee’s name has been changed for safety reasons

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