Our Global Impact

Remember Nhu has 120 homes for children in 19 countries, which currently protect over 1,500 children from the sex trade through full-time care in children’s homes, foster families, and family restoration programs. To date, and including past program graduates, we have prevented over 15,000 children from sex trafficking. See our map above or list below for current countries of operation:


Countries We Are In:








Sierra Leone

1 Undisclosed Country*
The Gambia

* We do not disclose the identity of this country for the protection of our children and workers on the ground.** Due to the global conflict, our work in Ukraine has been paused for the time being.

About Prevention Homes

Prevention Homes are what enable us to partner with people like you to move at-risk children to safety and ensure their protection from being sold into the sex trade. Remember Nhu protects vulnerable children from dangerous conditions by placing them into a 24-7 home where they are physically, educationally, emotionally and spiritually nurtured by loving parents. Depending on the country we work in, we place children into either a children’s home run by indigenous house parents, or a foster home where they are cared for by an indigenous foster family. Child Sponsors cover the monthly costs for a child to live in a home through sponsorship.

Four objectives keep us anchored to our mission of prevention in how we care for children in our homes:

Meeting physical needs:

Children with little to no shelter or food, and who lack basic medical care, are at risk of being sold. Meeting the physical needs of children protects them from the sex trade. Sponsors provide our children clean drinking water, three meals a day, maintained clothing, physical exercise and sustained medical care.

Meeting educational needs:

When honest, sustained work in a future career is an actual possibility, the financial allure of the sex trade industry lessens immensely. A quality education and/or practical vocational training gives children the means to opportunities for a future. Children at Remember Nhu homes go to the local public school and sponsors provide for their books and school fees, but on top of that, our interns teach them English and other skills. After they graduate from school we seek to help each child enter college or one of our Vocational Training Centers.

Meeting emotional needs:

Children disconnected from the loving care of concerned, responsible adults are at risk. To grow and nurture children inside the love of a family protects them from the sex trade. Our children are cared for by loving indigenous house parents or foster parents, and receive additional care from both local and international workers and interns.

Meeting spiritual needs:

Children deprived of any real, lasting hope are at risk. When introduced to the powerful love of Jesus Christ, children are introduced to a new and accurate vision of themselves: that they are of deep, intrinsic, and eternal value. However, Remember Nhu and its partners are equally committed to and will never discriminate against or withhold care from a child of a different religion, worldview, or persuasion. We do not proselytize, but we do provide church services, Bible teaching, discipleship programs and spiritual care for our children.

It is our passion to open more prevention homes around the world in order to keep as many children as possible out of the sex trade. We are entirely dependent on the generosity of caring people and their donations.

It costs an average of $20,000 to start up a children’s home (bed, bath, kitchen, desks, etc.) and approximately $100,000 to build a new home. Most of our children’s homes are rented in order to open as many homes as possible.

Our Prevention Homes Fund is a way to contribute towards the constant need of opening more homes in order to save more children. For $100/month you can become a Home Sponsor and ensure our ability to rent or build more homes around the world.

If you can find a bunch of friends to become parent sponsors for children, then we can usually start a prevention home for those children! Many of our homes are sponsored by churches who send a yearly team to bring gifts and correspondence.