We believe the innocence of childhood is an inalienable right. Once lost, it can never be restored. Our children come to us before they are exposed to the horrors of the sex trade and mature into the happy, healthy young adults they were intended to be.
Carl Ralston


Preventing Children from Being Sold

In countries around the world today it has become culturally acceptable for families to sell their children when ends don’t meet. Child sex slavery has sadly become a massive industry in which 1.2 million children are being sold globally each year. Due to the high death rate in the sex trade (3 years or less), there is an increasing demand for more and more child workers.

Remember Nhu is a movement of people who dream of a better world. We believe that children have an inalienable right to grow up happy and healthy, and the idea that any child should be victimized in this way is appalling to all of us. Consider the following question: If you had the opportunity to identify a child who is at risk of being sold, prevent that from happening, and protect the child from ever entering the sex trade—would you do it?

That is exactly why Remember Nhu exists. We are a non-profit committed to ending child sex slavery through prevention. We identify those children who are at risk of falling prey to the sex trade and provide them with a home in which their physical, educational, emotional and spiritual needs are met. By creating a supportive environment for each of these children, we are ensuring a childhood free from sex slavery and also dramatically lowering their risk of joining the sex trade later in life.

This movement is fueled by people like you who generously support and sponsor children to be kept safe in a Remember Nhu home or program. Thanks to supporters like you, we have effectively prevented over 15,000 children from sex trafficking in 20 countries, and taught preventive education to over 9,000 children.

Prevention by the numbers…
  • Innocence lost is never restored 0% 0%
  • Prevention is 98% effective at keeping children from ever entering the sex trade 98% 98%
  • Prevention costs less than 1/10 of what intervention costs 10% 10%
  • Prevention homes are over 95% effective in preventing children from ever entering the sex trade 95% 95%

Ending the Supply of the Sex Trade

It is because of the supply and demand for children that the horror of the sex trade continues. However, when we protect at-risk children from being sold in the developing world, something of massive significance takes place within the global landscape. Consider the diagrams below, which differentiate Remember Nhu’s model of Prevention from the more traditional model of Intervention. Intervention is when outside organizations step in to remove children from brothels, trafficking, or situations where the child has already been abused:


The reality of children in sexual slavery is devastating and something must be done to help those who are already enslaved, which is what Intervention aims to do. However, most people do not realize the chain reaction that takes place when a child is actually removed from the sex trade. As the above diagram depicts, removing one child from the sex trade, without shutting down the operation entirely, can automatically open up a new space for a different child to enter or be exploited who previously was not enslaved.

Additionally, the statistics on Intervention are extremely sobering. Organizations committed to intervention methods have reported an average recidivism rate of anywhere from 70-90% in developing countries within two years of removing a child from the sex trade. In other words, most children who are removed from the sex trade tragically end up re-entering the sex trade within two years, for various reasons.

Something must be done for children in the sex trade and we commend the efforts of Intervention organizations. These organizations do hard work and good things for individual children—however, without proper and strategic legal, legislative, and/or law enforcement efforts at the government level to permanently shut down the operation in which the child was exploited, the demand and supply of the sex trade remain virtually unaffected by intervention work, and the horrors of the sex trade continue.

Consider instead a very different approach to saving children from the sex trade, that of Prevention:


As illustrated above, Prevention focuses more on identifying families who are in such adverse circumstances that they are willing to sell a child, and then removing the child from that dangerous environment before the sex brokers can get to them. One of the reasons prevention works is because of the education that takes place when we come to the aid of a family. When a family is desperate enough to sell their child, we step in and offer a much better solution: we will take care of the child for you.

When we place at-risk children in a Remember Nhu home, each child grows up to be the happy, healthy young adults that God intended them to be and are spared from ever experiencing the sex trade. For the children we serve who are not orphaned, families are allowed to visit with their children and continue a relationship with the child.

However, when we remove at-risk children from their vulnerable situation and place them in a prevention home, we are not just preventing each individual child from experiencing sex slavery. Prevention also causes a significant ripple effect in the global child sex trade market, in the following ways.

The existence of evil people in the world means that the “demand” for the sex trade will tragically continue. But there is something that can be done about the “supply” of the sex trade. When we identify and remove at-risk children from a village in which the sex brokers may do business, we eventually remove the supply of the child sex trade from that entire village—sometimes an entire region. Eventually the sex brokers must leave because there is no longer a “supply” of available children to buy in that village. In fact, we can already name dozens of villages where no child has been sold since we started Remember Nhu. Therefore we are ending child sex slavery one child at a time, one family at a time, and one village at a time.

To date, Prevention has become the most effective way to end child sex slavery because it diminishes the supply of global child trafficking, making it more and more difficult for sex brokers to find children to sell. Remember Nhu’s vision is to continue identifying and preventing at-risk children from being sold around the world until one day, eventually, we can live in a world where the global child sex trade can no longer function.

What is the most important part of the Prevention model? Heroic and generous people like you who are willing to sponsor an at-risk child to live in a Remember Nhu home and grow up safe from the sex trade. When you sponsor a child, you not only change that child’s life forever by protecting them from the sex trade, but you also remove that child permanently from the supply of the global sex trade and are a part of ending this horrible global crisis.

Would you please consider sponsoring a child or helping us in some way?