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“It made me smile to know that because of my gift she had a uniform to be able to attend school, food to eat, a warm bed to sleep, and most importantly a loving family to embrace and care for her. Who knew that giving up a few cups of coffee a week could make such an impact? Thanks for letting me be a part of your mission!”
Sponsor Parent from Oregon

Sponsorship is at the heart of Remember Nhu; what makes prevention possible. It is only through the monthly giving of sponsors that children can grow up happy, healthy, and safe from the sex trade in one of our prevention homes. In addition to monthly giving, all sponsors are welcome to send letters, gifts, or to apply to visit their sponsor child.

Our child sponsorship program has three levels of commitment:

Parent Sponsor: $60/month

A parent sponsor covers the physical, educational, emotional and spiritual needs of the child. Your commitment should include faithfully praying for your child as well as sending small birthday and/or Christmas gifts. Sending international mail is costly; many homes do not have a physical mailing address or are located where religious persecution takes place. Therefore, gifts and correspondence are sent with teams who visit the home. Your home’s Family Home Coordinator forwards any communication on to you. We encourage you to make the most of this special relationship with your sponsor child!

Cousin Sponsor: $40/month

A cousin sponsor plays a crucial role of helping to “carry the load” of expenses associated with providing food, clothing, healthcare, and education for the child. Sending a birthday and/or Christmas gift to the child each year is welcomed and encouraged. With rising costs of living, a cousin sponsor ensures that the child has nothing to worry about and will always have their basic monthly needs met.

Sibling Sponsor: $20/month

A sibling sponsor covers the additional costs of completely caring for a child and setting him/her up for a successful future. Becoming a sibling sponsor makes it possible for Remember Nhu to keep each child well cared for. We aim to provide all our children either college or vocational training, and these added costs are more than our parent and cousin sponsors can handle alone. Sending birthday and/or Christmas gifts to the child is also highly encouraged. For those who would like to help a child but not take on the added expense and commitments, becoming a sibling sponsor could be the perfect fit. You will also be kept up to date on any developments at the home and your role in the child’s life will be as special as you want to make it.

It is very common for organizations to utilize multiple sponsors for each child, but typically do so without disclosing that information to their sponsors.

Remember Nhu is intentional and forthcoming in seeking three separate sponsors for each child for multiple reasons: First, we want to create a sense of “family” for these children who come out of devastating situations, a group of people who will actively serve loving and supportive roles in their lives. Secondly, it costs an average of $120 per month to give each of these children the new life we can offer them, a life in which their physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual needs can be met. Many organizations are satisfied to simply pay for food and clothing; at Remember Nhu, we additionally provide 24-7 housing and a proper education. 100% of each sponsorship amount goes toward the needs of the child.

If you attend a church or are part of a business that partners with Remember Nhu by Sponsoring a Remember Nhu children’s home, we will match you with a child from that particular home in that specific country. If not, we can match you with a child from one of our individually sponsored Remember Nhu homes.

If you would like more information about sponsoring a child contact info@remembernhu.org.


Success Stories

When you sponsor a Remember Nhu child, it forever changes their future. Here are a few of the success stories that have resulted from child sponsorship.