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Vocational Training

Children at Remember Nhu homes go to the local public school and sponsors pay for their books and school fees, but on top of that, our interns teach them English and other skills. After they graduate from school they either enter college or one of our Vocational Training Centers.

For children in our homes who are not college-bound, giving them a trade is their hope for the future. Vocational Training Centers are their hope-filled alternative to college. In this special environment, Volunteer Instructors pass on their skills in such things as sewing, woodworking, jewelry making, baking or bicycle repair, to our young adults.

Our vision is to see Vocational Training Centers in each country where Remember Nhu is present. We desire each country to have its own center dedicated to teaching skills for young women and young men. Each center houses the apprentices, a few interns and the visiting instructor.

Our program consists of teaching English as a second language, life skills and learning the trade of the visiting instructor. Each apprentice helps keep the center running smoothly by sharing chores and cooking. We cannot run these centers without the volunteer help of vocational instructors and interns.

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Sewing Hope

Ordinary people can do big things for ending child sex slavery. Hear the inspirational story of how our first Vocational Training Center came to be. Maybe your story could end up being a similar one?