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Vocational Instructor

Do you have a skill you could pass on to kids who are in desperate need of learning a professional trade? Sewing, woodworking, jewelry making, baking or bicycle repair or all examples of trades Remember Nhu children are eager to learn for future careers. For the kids who are not college-bound, giving them a trade is their hope for the future. We’re always in great need of instructors to visit any of our Vocational Training Centers to pass on their knowledge, skills and love.

Our program consists of teaching English as a second language, life skills and learning the trade of the visiting instructor. Each apprentice helps keep the center running smoothly by sharing chores and cooking. Instructors are responsible for covering their own expenses and bringing the necessary supplies to teach their trade. An instructor’s visit must be a minimum of 2 weeks in duration. All instructors must complete an application and background check before teaching at any Vocational Training Center.

Our vision is to see Vocational Training Centers in each country where Remember Nhu is present. We desire each country to have separate centers dedicated to teaching skills for young women and centers for young men. Each center houses the apprentices, a few interns and the visiting instructor.

We cannot run these centers without the volunteer help of Vocational Instructors; they are the heart of this particular program! If you are interested in partnering with us, please fill out the instructor inquiry below, or email Barbara at barbara@remembernhu.org. Thank you!

Vocational Instructor Inquiry

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