Preventive Education

Educating Youth To Make Safe Decisions

One of the ways Remember Nhu is able to keep children safe is through preventative education, teaching children both in schools and online to be aware of the dangers of child sex trafficking, so they can avoid exploitation while also helping their peers to be safe. Beginning in 2023, our amazing Brazilian contacts helped us bring a prevention education program into the public schools of Brazil, which is a Top 5 worst country in the world for child sex trafficking. The main tool of this program is an interactive comic book that teaches children warning signs of sexual exploitation, “good touch versus bad touch,” and action steps for avoiding sex trafficking. The program brings training to school faculty along with the gift of a booklet and bracelet for each child when they complete the program.

Watch this iPhone video from our Country Directors to hear testimonies from some of our very first students who were impacted in Brazil:

Coming To America:

We are excited to be adapting the curriculum to also launch preventive education in U.S. schools, along with creating a dynamic video series to educate the youth of America online!

Help Launch the U.S. Prevention Initiative:
Ending Child Sex Trafficking in America Through Education