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Your gift helps break the child sex trade industry cycle. How? By protecting one child at a time from ever being sold in the first place. Thank you so much for giving generously today! You are making a powerful, life- and world-changing investment.

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Thank you for choosing to remember Nhu’s prayer: “God, please let me be the last girl this happens to”

You’re helping protect one child at a time from ever being sold in the first place. Prevention is more than 98% effective and costs less than 1/10 what intervention costs. Your gift today may help:

Day of Freedom
Bring 1 day of freedom for 1 child. Every day of freedom you give stops sex slavery from happening in the first place for a precious child of God.

Safe Housing
Put children in permanent safe housing where their physical, educational, emotional, and spiritual needs are met. Your gift helps stop children from getting sold into the sex trade.

More Children Saved
Add to the number of children we’ve prevented from entering the sex trade, currently 2,200. You're helping identify a precious child who is at risk of falling prey to the sex trade.