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Local Volunteer

Remember Nhu depends heavily upon the efforts of our volunteers, without whom our mission wouldn’t be possible. A few ways to get directly involved with Remember Nhu are:

Family Home Coordinator:
If you are an organized and detailed person, Remember Nhu has an important role in which you may volunteer. This entails collecting, organizing and sending gifts with teams who visit our children’s homes.

Banquets are a great way to raise awareness about the sex trade and Remember Nhu’s mission to protect children from entering it. We host a beautiful, cultural banquet every other year alternating between the West coast and the East coast. These banquets typically raise money to build a Remember Nhu home on one of our properties.

Awareness Parties:
Awareness parties are a fun way to help spread Remember Nhu’s message and fundraise in a personal way. We provide you with an Awareness Party Kit which includes invitations, DVD’s to show, brochures to pass out and handmade merchandise to sell from our Vocational Training Centers.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please contact us: