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Helping A Desperate Young Mother

A young mother sat begging in the local market while holding her 18-month-old daughter. Ridden with AIDS, the young mother was desperate to ease her pain with drugs. She was also concerned about her daughter. Who would look after her? Her husband also had the dreaded disease. They were alone, just the three of them. Eyes without hope and body malnourished, anyone looking at this toddler would instantly feel their heartstrings tug to give them money or food. And, just the opposite, any predator would have an “easy prey” with this infant in a society where child sex trafficking accounts for 14% of that nation’s Gross National Product.

“Will you buy my daughter?” the young mother asked our house mother. Instead, our house mother gave money though her heartstrings were pulled and tugged. She knew that if this young mother asked the wrong person this toddler would live a short life of hell. She also knew that it was wrong to buy a child, even if intentions were honest and for the child’s own good. She went back to the young mother. The toddler’s young arms grabbed our house mother’s shoulders and would not let go. The young mother and our house mother exchanged numbers. Our house mother pried the toddler’s strong grip from her shoulders. The toddler cried and our house mother left, begging Jesus to keep the child safe until she could return with authorities.

The next day our house mother and a social worker conducted an interview in the young parents’ squatter shack. Legal documents were signed and made legitimate with the customary thumbprints. A few moments later, the young parents gave their young daughter a final hug. Then our house mother, relieved, happy and thanking Jesus, returned to the children’s home with the youngest child Remember Nhu had ever taken in. A few months later, after the toddler was safe in her Remember Nhu children’s home, her mother passed away from AIDS, and, a year later, her father.

Today, the happy and active toddler is free from HIV/AIDS and safe in Remember Nhu’s care. Full of boundless energy and eyes that sparkle and have hope, she keeps everyone on their toes. Thank you to Remember Nhu sponsors who give children likes these a hope for the future.