RyterCristina Ryter

Cristina has been an elementary school teacher for seven years, endorsed in reading and ESOL. She first learned about Remember Nhu back in March of 2014. She felt that God was calling her to join Remember Nhu and took a huge step of faith, making the decision to leave her career and family behind and move to Thailand to fulfill His calling. She worked in Thailand from August 2014 to July 2017 as the ESOL teacher. She created an outline and curriculum for future educators who join Remember Nhu as they teach English effectively to house parents, helpers, and children of Remember Nhu. Since then, she has moved back to the US (Florida) and is working as the ESOL Advisor with Remember Nhu. She is excited that God has included her in His plan and thanks you for your prayer and financial support in doing His will.

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