Kelly Eickenberg

I felt a call to missions shortly after I gave my life to Christ which was just before my 20th birthday. Since that time I have been on many short-term missions trips, been a member of the  church’s missions committee, started a missions support group (the equivalent of missionary care today), and taught English and Math in China for a year. Full-time service overseas seemed to elude me so I started thinking that my role in missions might be that of support. Well, after working some odd jobs, 15 years in corporate America and 10 years of working at my home church, my time finally came. I committed to join Remember Nhu in June of 2015 and after support raising and taking care of things stateside, I arrived in Cambodia April 2016.
My role here has changed over the years. After four months of language school, I started teaching computers and co-hosting short-term missions teams. From there I took on the financial aspects of the ministry and today I am the Country Director of Remember Nhu Cambodia. I am so thankful that God has called me here. I can’t imagine serving anywhere else. The kids that we care for at our homes are precious. They are not only safe but they are healthy and thriving. It is an honor and privilege to love and care for these kids. I will never be the same.