Short-term Team

Do you have a desire to see, experience and discover your faith in new and meaningful ways while helping to end the horrors of the sex trafficking industry? A short-term trip in partnership with Remember Nhu is an adventure that could change your world. You just might discover something fresh about yourself, your God, and your world.

If you, your church or organization would like to organize and lead a trip to visit Remember Nhu homes and/or offer some volunteer work, we are happy to host the trip that you organize and receive the help! Individuals or couples are also more than welcome to do a trip if you coordinate with us in advance.

We currently work with people who are looking to visit the countries of Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Kenya, and Bolivia. Trips can be filled with service projects, activities with the children of Remember Nhu, as well as cultural activities.

For more information about organizing a short-term trip, please email:

Some Testimonials from those who have gone…

It wasn’t until I went to Cambodia that I realized how skewed my outlook on life was. My mission trip also allowed me to better appreciate my mother. Seeing her interact with the children on our trip was like looking back on my own childhood. My mom and I have always been really close, but I’d never taken the time to thank God for putting her in my life.
Claire Waggoner

College Student

Before going to Cambodia with Remember Nhu, I wasn’t satisfied with all God had provided me….after the trip, I was thankful for what I had and was content to accept with gratitude the portion God has already given me…even if it seemed like more than I needed or less than I wanted. Since my trip to Cambodia, I have seen my relationship with my LORD grow ever closer, more personal and intimate! It is as if that one act of joining Him where is working put me on a path to see Him in action around me daily and opened my heart to Him in ways I only thought were open before. I’d like to say I made a big impact on the children, but in truth, the bigger impact was on me and my walk with God.
Polly Laux

Registered Pharmacist

The short term trip I went on with Remember Nhu changed so many things about me! Before I went I would always give money to missions and pray for mission trips, but after going on a trip myself it made the horrific issues of child sex trafficking and the affects that it has on our world personal. God started challenging me on what I could do to make a difference in ways I never thought possible. I used to believe that a person had to truly be called into the mission field, and that I just didn’t have that calling. The fact of the matter is that God calls all of us who call themselves a Christian into the mission field in one way or another. It may be just in your neighborhood, school, or at work; but he may be calling you half way around the world like He did me! I used to spend way too much time asking God to do something about all the wrong in the world, but now I realize that he has done something indeed, he created me!
Scott Gronotte