A Devastating Reality

• There are 45 million people who are enslaved in 167 countries around the world today. An estimated 5.5 million children are enslaved (Global Slavery Index, 2017).
• 79% of those enslaved are women and children (UN, Trafficking in Persons Report, 2017)
• Human trafficking has become a $32 billion industry
• 1.2 million children are being trafficked for sex each year (UNICEF)
• Consider the numbers this way: 3,040 children are trafficked into sexual slavery every single day, one child every 26 seconds
• Child victims are often locked behind barred doors and forced to service as many as 10-15 adults per night
• Most children enter the trade between the ages of 12 and 16; many children enter the trade between the ages of 8 and 12 years old and some as young as 3-yrs-old.
• Both girls as well as boys are wanted to fill brothels
• Due to a high death rate for children in sex slavery (3 years or less), there is an increasing demand for more and more child workers (UNICEF)

A New Movement

Remember Nhu is a movement of people who dream of a world in which these atrocities can no longer take place. But it’s not just a dream. Prevention is becoming the most effective way to end child sex slavery and bring hope and safety to these precious children.