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Build A Children’s Home

Want to do something big for ending child sex slavery? We’d love to partner with you, your church, company, or organization to fund the building of a new children’s home. We have waiting lists of at-risk children who would love to live in a Remember Nhu home, but are waiting until we build and open up new homes. This is an incredible way to save children from sex slavery because until you and I can get these children into a Remember Nhu home, those children are currently susceptible to being sold into the sex trade.

Here are some of the ways that other heroic churches, organizations, and companies like yours have forged relationships with Remember Nhu to build new homes:

  • Raising the start-up costs for building a new home ($20,000; covers bed, bath, kitchen, desks, etc)
  • Raising the costs for building a new home ($100,000)
  • Starting a special fund for contributing toward one of the above costs for building a new home
  • Donating a portion of proceeds toward one of the above costs for building a new home

Forming a relationship with Remember Nhu to build a specific home is a highly effective way to protect several children from the sex trade. In such partnerships, Remember Nhu provides the expertise and staffing to run a Children’s Home, locates children who are at risk being sold into the sex trade, hires, trains, and manages houseparents/helpers, finds a location for the home, and coordinates relationships between the Children’s Home and your organization.

To begin a partnership or find out more information, please email us: info@remembernhu.org

Thank you for ending child sex slavery through prevention!

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