Celebrate Remember Nhu 2019 – Registration

To register for Celebrate Remember Nhu 2019, follow these steps:

  1. Complete and submit the registration form below.
  2. Pay your deposit of $200 (Note: Total Cost is $987 per person, does not include flights)

To pay your deposit:

  1. Go here.
  2. Indicate “Once”, enter $200 and click the “Give” button.
  3. Complete the credit card form – in the “Designation Note” box, enter “Celebrate 2019 registration”

If you prefer, send a check made out to Remember Nhu, to Remember Nhu, P.O. Box 27000, Akron, OH 44319-7000 along with a note indicating “Celebrate 2019 registration”

Guidelines and release for visiting our Homes will be sent to you shortly after we receive notification of your deposit. Please be attentive to these and return them per instructions at the time of delivery. As the conference draws closer we will keep you informed and help you prepare for international travel and the conference itself. If you have questions, contact Dr. Don Sappington, Director of Strategic Initiatives for Remember Nhu, don@remembernhu.org, 719-440-6102

Personal Information

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Emergency Contact

Special Needs

Lodging and Travel Information

Conference is priced at double occupancy room rate at Horizon Village, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Other Arrangements

We suggest you take advantage of the exceptional assistance provided by Bob Kerr of Travel House to arrange your flights, but that is your choice. Bob can be contacted at bob@travelhouse.com - 206-248-0900 (Pacific Standard Time). Let him know you are traveling to Celebrate 2019.


Plan your arrival into Chiang Mai International Airport (CNX) as early in the day as possible on Monday, October 7, 2019. Our opening session begins with dinner on Monday. Some may prefer to pay for an additional night and arrive on Sunday October 6, just let us know if this is your plan. Return flights may be booked for AFTER 4:00 PM on October 13 from Chiang Mai International Airport (CNX).

Celebrate Preparation

Cultural Activities